9 Methods Of Making Online Payments In Nigeria

Transactions done online in Nigeria is increasing everyday. Many online payment methods exist and I will share with you in this article 9 methods of making online payments in Nigeria using technology.
9 Methods Of Making Online Payments In Nigeria 
1. Alertpay (NowPayza)
This online payment platform operates in US dollars. Available options exist for transferring money to your Nigerian account. Both credit card holders and account holders can receive their payments. Payza uses instant payment notification that enables one to know through IPN handler that payments has been made and this can be used for inventory update or sending of mail to buyers. This online platform is very operational within Nigeria and it is among the top methods of making online payments in Nigeria. It makes use of electronic commerce methods, operational corporate disbursements, remittances across different parts of the globe. This payment gateway enables its users to operate with flexible and efficient loading with chances of withdrawal like global bank wire systems, prepaid cards, credit and debit card system, local bank transfers etc. It has up to 9 million members and is operational in 197 countries.
2. Voguepay
This is a major payment gateway in Nigeria that helps one to make payments online using entranzact holders and voguepay or visa cards. Those who make use of MasterCard will have to sign up when they want to deliver their payments. This is a user friendly payment method and it enables them to get paid for services rendered without using fees for set up. The payment gateway can be used for carrying out international and local payment operations. Even if you don’t have a website, you can receive and transfer funds or initiate payments and have them received through email and SMS. This is one of the best payment gateways you can use in Nigeria.
3. Zenith Bank Global Pay 
This payment platform makes use of the internet and it enables you to accept payments from customers across all parts of the world. This payment platform comes with an integration that enables you to receive payments from many local and international credit cards. This payment method gives your website a global experience and expands your customers. If you engage in online commercial activities, your customers come from across the globe and Global Pay can be your payment platform. They accept local interswitch, international, MasterCard, visa and etractzact. You can check your transactions as they occur. You can make realtime online payments and also receive as they are made into your account. They accept multi card options and reporting of transactions is available including wide outreach
4. Entranzact
This payment method is created as a credible alternative to all transactions that are check based or cash. This is a multi application, multi branched, multi channel system that is valid for all main networks and they include AMEX, VISA and MasterCard. It demands multiple channels by making use of automatic systems that has alternative methods. This payment method makes use of valid transactions after which security checks are run on the payment cards. The security check protects the card information and reduces the administrative overhead of cheques including printed and returned cheques.
5. GT BankPay
This payment method is another safe payment system and it helps merchants to receive payments from both local and international payment cards. The card is accepted internationally with both MasterCard and visa. The transactions take place in a timely manner and it offers GT monitoring log that enable merchants to view transactions. It is a convenient payment method and there is promotion of cashless transactions.
6. 2Checkout ( 2CO)
The checkout deals on the reselling of many products and services in digital form. 2Checkout was formed in the year 2000 and they support functions that include financial reporting, fraud prevention, affiliate tracking, customer service, sales and financial reporting. This payment platform has been undergoing a reasonable growth from its inception. They render a quality service to new and existing clients. Payments are accepted from customers from up to 200 countries in the world.
7. Cash envoy
This payment method is an electronic payment method that let’s you make payments and transfer funds online. You can use the Nigerian debit card to fund your cash envoy account. Funding of your cash envoy account can also be done by making online bank transfers. They render payment processing services for online sites and vendors. The cash envoy system requires a transaction fee of a certain percentage of money that is sent which include an extra fixed amount. The payment method is a limited liability company that belongs to the independent private sector. Merchants can make their payments and their settlements can be made to other merchants. There is no fee subscription, no withdrawal and no integration. You can utilise that with adequate records of transactions. Sending money can take place without sharing of financial information and this can be done using your bank accounts and debit cards.
8. Simple Pay
This payment method helps any consumer that has an email to adequately, securely and cost effectively make and receive online payments. They render services to small businesses and online merchants. The network is formed on bank accounts and credit cards. This method of payment enables users to make their free payment and this is enabled for PCs and internet enabled mobile devices. The system enables anyone that has an email account to send and receive credits. By selling these credits back to Simple Pay, you can redeem the credits for their cash equivalent.
9. Interswitch Internet Pay
This payment method enables a payment infrastructure that tends to be always available. This is secure, scalable and reliable for performing electronic transactions in a functional, diverse institutional, offline and online environment. They accept transactions from a varied range of delivery payment channels pushing them to outside networks. They support major networks including verve, MasterCard and China Union Pay apart from other networks. The gateway is an open system that functions with rational database technology.

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