Welcome to Newzandar I still remain your Jonathan Okechukwu Ejere. On this post I want to share with you mistakes to avoid doing on your laptop computer. Reason for writing this article is because I have seen where someone bought a brand new system and within a month the laptop got bad due to some mistake he made in the laptop.

Mistake to avoid when using your laptop
Read below for what you must not do on your laptop computer.
Don’t buy tokunbo charger for your laptop 
Don’t buy Tokunbo charger (A C Adapter ) for your laptop.
 It very important to avoid tokunbo laptop charger or you will bring distrust to your laptop, the reason is because some of those laptops charger that are called tokunbo are not same volt as you see. Most of then were worked on and some of them carry high volt that can burn your laptop motherboard or even do more harm. I lost my worth 80k for just a charger of N2500.

Don’t carry your laptop on your bed
This is very easy to avoid but still some of us don’t even know this is dangerous to our laptop. It a common thing most of us do always. We like using our laptop why laying on the bed, for this reason we carry our laptop on top our bed.
If you have been doing it, it dangerous to your laptop health and should be avoid. When you take your laptop on your bed or on your chair, the laptop fan will start taking some pies of threads, foams, and some other dust in. It will also stop the fan from working which will cause problem of overheat to the laptop and may end up burning the motherboard.

Don’t change hard disk or ram by yourself if you are not an engineer
may discover that the hard disk of your laptop is too small and you would want to upgrade it. Same goes with the ram. In other to cut the cost of an expert some of us would want to learn engineering work with our laptop. This is extremely dangerous to your computer as you may run into lot of problem that could cause you laptop damage.

Don’t Install Software that are not useful in your laptop system.
Some of us want lot of software’s to be in our laptop even if we have no use for them. This is dangerous as some of them can be compromise and infected with virus that could damage or laptop or OS. Install only what you have use for at the time you need it.

Don’t download too many things from online to your laptop
You want anti-virus and the next thing is searching for it online. In the procedure of getting anti-virus you can as well get virus if you not getting it from the right source. Downloading much online will attract virus to your laptop

Don’t keep your laptop close to liquid
Avoid your laptop going close to liquid such as water, during, etc from getting close to your laptop, it can damage the keyboard of your laptop or even damage the motherboard of the system

Keep your laptop away from reach of children
you have a child that is below 5years? Make sure you keep your laptop away from them in other not to speak in other in language you don’t even understand. This is list of what you should avoid doing in your laptop.

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