The character of a business man or business woman is always equal to the business elements that can add value or will add value to their business live and make them emerge success on every of their business trips.
How to start advertising business online
So also Every pro webmaster or the web success applicants must put some certain characters and deportments into consideration before success can be attained in the race of web mastering and if any of the characters are overlooked it is certain that 20% or more of the supposed attained success has been cut off.
Today am going to list out six breast plates of online business “blogging” and when properly applied success is inevitable but when neglected failure is also inevitable..
1. Start With your real identity!
The greatest mistake you could ever think of is starting an online business with fake identity. the guarantee that you will come out successful is lover that the percentage of failure.
Starting an online business with fake identity is like building your house on a sinking ground and very soon it will sink and will be no were to be found.
Am not here to tell you how fake identity can harm you but am only here to tell you desist since i know Is absolutely bad and unacceptable for online startup…stop adding some nonsensical prefix or suffix that makes your name look fake.
Using your real name will enhance more online trust on your readers mindset and they will not think you to be a scammer. But when you use the fake names, even if you are original you are considered an online scammer CU’s you share their attribute by using a fake name.
Your circle online is the community and you the builder of the circles you dominate is the king of your circle and every community knows or love to know there king!! and the man governing them to enable them be sure about any trip they make round the community.
2. Don’t try the cheating for once it can hurt
You have been a loyal, trusted and dedicated online business fellow for many years but just one day you decided to try cheating on your clients thinking only the cheating can not harm you online reputation.
The day you decide to try how cheating works online, you will harm you online reputation which you have built for years CU’s with just one person with whom you are able to build trust , you will get in touch with many others whom you will not even work for their trust but they will trust you.
so also if you fraud one person online, you may likely loose many chances of getting trust from people in the victims circle.
I know you are a good fellow just like me. and i urge you to continue like that and never try the opposite side for it contain what you don’t need..
3. Your circle your income
Online community is like campaign the highest vote wins the election. you can’t earn with the man who get 1,000 page views a day when you hardly gets 100 page views. you are not going online to do anything but to build audience so always try to please your audience and pay attention to them since they are the reason you exist online.
You can care for them buy providing the best you offer in your blogging niche and never take replying their contact for granted .
Let them feel like you are the best by offering uncountable help in your power
with this you will grow your circle and earn bigger than you are doing today CU’s the more the audience the more the money that’s the rule of “online business blogging”
4. You are a webmaster
You only put yourself in the state of chaos and disorderliness if you can’t understand why you are called a webmaster.
You are not a webmaster because you learnt and know how to design websites rather you are only a web designer.
A webmaster Is the web designer who set up a website and after setting up the website he was able to follow all the procedures required to make the website to be successfully such as implementing the SEO strategies for the website, attending and managing the focussed audience properly, understanding and maintaining the niche he blog on, Understanding what is social media and how to use it effectively, writing quality contents and not quantity, etc.
You can be a webmaster and be stealing people’s contents online to your website. This simply means your blog is just for promoting peoples content and you are not a webmaster but content promoter. a good webmaster must be a passionate writer who is willing to write what is needful at all cost and not stealing what others toiled for.
Until you understand why are webmaster is called a webmaster and start writing what is needed by others you will not be called a webmaster even if you rank well for your copy and paste items.
5. Standing out from the multitude
The truth is that it is not easy to champion the niche you blog on because you can too late so you met many people on the queue but even with this you can still try your best by applying some strategies that people who dominate your niche don’t apply.
Let me give you some expo.
If the fellow blogger only blog without adding videos to tutorial then start by shooting videos for your tutorials.
When they live aside some SEO strategies unapplied then take advantage of them by applying even the smallest SEO strategy.
If they write 200 words per post try your best to write 300 or more and when they write 500 words try to write 600-1000 words per post and you will see a change .
If they update their blogs twice weekly, update your 5x or even more weekly.
if only you can take advantage of what they over looked you will see great changes on your blog….you started too late so you have to put in extra effort to meet the race.
Never say because your competitors are too much so therefore you can not make it rather figure out how to stand out and work towards it.
6. Be a webmaster of your kind
If only you could stand up and start thinking about what no one has ever written about and start writing about them you will be a webmaster of your kind. I do imagine at times why people don’t bother about adding new and fresh contents to the internet rather roaming about the same tutorials and write ups randomly.
The main reason is because you haven’t try thinking just because you think everything has been written about by some folks. I was also thinking likewise not until I denounced the taught and started thinking otherwise.
I began to discover there are many valuables articles which no one has ever think of writing and if you can think of them and write about them you have 100% chances of ranking for them on search engines. Start thinking of what no one have written about and write about them only with this you will be a webmaster of your kind and you will be proud to even see your contents spread abroad .

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