Do you constantly seek how to write the perfect resume that gets you in front of Organizations decision makers? Do you know that your resume could either make you? I bet you do not even know that there are plethora android resume builders that simplify the whole process for you! In this guide, I share with you the Best Resume Apps for Android
“Resume Builders on android mobile?”
Well, you heard that right. And today on, We got you covered. I mean we are going to take our time to discuss with you everything you should know about creating the perfect CV or Resume from your Android devices.
Are you ready for this?
Well, I thought you will be excited because, in the following texts, I will be sharing with you some of the coolest and of course, the best resume apps for android.
But wait…
Do you know that when you submit your resume to organizations, they do not bother to open it, let alone read it?
They simply just run your resume across a resume scanning machine known as ATS or Applicant Tracking System and that’s it.
Now if your resume fails to mention some really important keywords that the organization sets for the ATS, then you can be rest assured that your CV will be thrashed in the bin of oblivion.
Okay let’s share with you some resume building techniques to get you pumped up…
Resume Building Techniques
The format of your resume is pretty important. And down here, I am going to give you main tips for writing effective resume.
·        Properly format your CV
·        Identify your accomplishments, instead of the jobs.
·        Quantify your accomplishments
·        Cater your resume for the industry
·        Replace your “Objective” with a “Career Summary”
·        Network like crazy!

1. Smart Resume Builder

What are the features of Smart Resume Builder?

First off, this application has a simple interface that allows you to create a near-perfect resume in just a few minutes. In fact, you could choose from different examples templates to get you started.

Other features:

·         Create innovative resume in minutes with cover letter at free of cost
·         Sample profile for different domains
·         Change background as well as front style & size.
Now, let me work you through the process.
As soon as you download and install the Smart Resume Builder app
Open the application on your android device
You will see “Example profile” or you could just click through “Browse Sample Resumes”
Then you will see these options (See the image below)
ike to have this free resume app for keep? Click here to install it.

2. Free Resume App

What I like about Free Resume App is its simplicity and great functionalities.
If you don’t really like to go overboard or something, you could always try out this app.

3. Job CV Maker / Resume Maker

If you are looking for some of the best apps for creating a resume, Job CV Maker might just be your best bet.
Trust me, this free resume app builder is the perfect application for android mobile phones.
This helps you get into the most important aspects of a resume creation and it helps you create the perfect resume in small and short time.
All you need to do here is simply type in your data, then the Job CV Maker app will automatically arrange your resume in a properly defined pattern. Then it would generate for you a slick looking CV you can quickly send to Hiring Managers.

4. Easy Resume Builder App – CV Maker

So you are still in search of the best resume app in the Playstore App Directory?
Well, like I said earlier, look no further, because I have got you covered here.
Easy Resume Builder is a free app, just like the others I mentioned above, and it’s the best solution for building an innovative and leading-edge resume.
This app contains one simple and professional resume format to make a great looking resume, which can make your job search easier.
It guides you to create a resume so that you can avoid mistakes while creating your resume, which could cost and later haunt you.

5. Professional Resume Builder

Professional Resume Builder is one of the best resume app builder for Android and it didn’t get on this list by mistake.
“Over 4,000,00 people use our top rated free resume maker app to create stunning resumes. Now you can do the same on your mobile device with our resume maker app. And better yet, it’s free!”

Free resume Builder App features:

·         Easy Resume Creator with Cover Letter
·         Create and send resumes on the go – a perfect app for busy job seekers
·         Great looking resumes with this resume writer
·         10 Professionally designed templates; easy editing options
·         save or share resume as PDF
·         If you wish would add your picture and Signature
·         Step by step resume help to create best resumes
·         Get a quick resume in minutes.
With all the above-highlighted features, I have a strong feeling that this is definitely one of the best resume apps for android. You should definitely check it out.


All in All, these are some of the highly rated and of course, Best Resume Apps for Android, and they are available on Android and iOS platforms.
Thus, making your life easy and helping you create new job opportunities. These apps are free. And, you can easily download them from the app store of your Android or Apple smartphone.
However, there are other apps available on these platforms, but none of them can give you experience like this ones. Download these apps from the play store, and you can create your resume anywhere and anytime.
Also, should you have an interview in an hour and you don’t have a CV yet? Just download one of those apps and get your resume printed quick!

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