Welcome to Newzandar, I still remain your humble Jonathan. In this post i want to share with you what you need to check for when you want to buy a used laptop. It will include when buying uk used laptop, US Used Laptops or local fairly used laptop.
So many people have been asking, what are the things one need to check for when buying a used laptop? That is why we are creating this post to solve that problem. One of the most complicated time is when you want to buy a laptop and want to go for used laptop for some reasons.
So many people considered UK used laptops only when they wanted to cut down cost and so on. But the main truth is that buying a used laptops is not only to manage cost effectiveness but as well going for the best quality. Use laptops especially foreign used laptops are more likely to be original and have better specs and accessories. People prefer going for something strong and original this is why they go for foreign used laptops not because they don’t have money to go for new one. This is to say UK used laptops sell faster and better than new. Reason because some new laptops you see are refurbished laptops. Back to the topic what you should look for when buying fairly used laptop. I will include buying local fairly used laptop and buying foreign used laptops.
What you should check for when buying local fairly used laptop
This is when you are buying laptop from someone who were using it. Before you buy laptop from someone, make sure your check the following things.
1. Specs: Check the configuration of the laptop to make sure it meet up with your expectations.
2. Confirm ownership of the laptop Do you know that there are stolen laptops? For this reason if you are buying personal used laptop, make sure you confirm ownership that it belongs to the person who is selling it. You can ask the person for the receipt issued to him/her at the buying point.
3. Confirm the laptop is in good condition: Some people sell their laptop when they discover some kind of malfunctions on it. Make sure you on and Off the laptop time without numbers to confirm the laptop is in good condition. Make sure you ask the condition and also find out why the owner wants to sell it.
What you should check for when buying Uk used or US used laptop
Here are the things you should check for when buying foreign used laptops computer so you don’t make mistake.
4. Configuration: This is what matters a lot. Make sure you get something that worth your expectations. As for me if you intend to buy laptop for browsing, creating documents, writing project, creating videos and more, I will advice that core 2 dual laptop with 160gb and above with 2gb ram will be perfect for you.
If you are a developer or gamer with interest of serious graphic design job then you should go for core i3, i5 or i7 laptop of any of your choice brand.
Configurations to check for are
ü The ram (2gb minimum preferable).
ü The hard drive (HDD) – (160gb and above is consider better)
ü WiFi (Very important so you can connect with your phone hotspot and more) even if you don’t need it now make sure the laptop has it.
ü Camera (Webcam) You need a youcam or manycam to be able to snap yourself in testing the webcam
ü Processor type ( There is Intel and AMD) Intel is preferable reason because AMD use to be hot and difficult to repair if it developed any fault in future.
ü Processor quality (There is core 2 duol, core i3, i5 and i7)
ü Check the processor speed ( 2.0 and above processor speed is consider OK)
ü Check Bluetooth (Not really important)
ü Check that it’s charging
ü Check that the battery is OK and it last well. (2 hours and above is consider OK).
ü Check if all keys of the keyboards are working (very important) open notepad and take your time to try all the keys one after after the others.
ü Check if the windows is activated (optional)
ü Check that there is not fault at the screen.
ü Check if all drivers are installed. Such as WiFi, VGA and more.
ü Check if the sound is working. You can try playing a music to confirm the sound is OK.
ü Check all USB ports to confirm they are working ( Important )
ü Condition of the laptop
Mistake to avoid when using your laptop.
Before i end this post i want to add something’s very important. This are mistake you should not make on your laptop. It a common mistake all of us do at a point which can damage our laptop
Do not buy tokunbo charger for your laptop
Don’t buy Tokunbo charger for your laptop. It very important to avoid tokunbo charger or you will bring distrust to your laptop reasons because some of those laptops charger that are called tokunbo are not same volt as you see. There were worked on and some of them carry high volt that can burn your laptop motherboard. I lost my worth 80k for just a charger of N2500.
Don’t carry your laptop on your bed
This is very easy to avoid but still some of us don’t even know this is dangerous to our laptop. It a common thing most of us do always. We like using our laptop why laying on the bed, for this reason we carry our laptop on top our bed.
This are what to check for when buying Fairly used computer laptops.

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