In this article, we will be explaining about 6 Real Estate marketing Strategies that will help your business to rise above the rest.
In today’s technology, customers have turned to the Internet when looking for new property.
A marketing research is also needed as well for the success of the marketing campaigns. A good marketing research consists of knowing your customers as well as your competitors. Also making huge promises and failing to complete them will lead to a bad reputation of your business which you do not want.
Below are some latest fool-proof real estate marketing Strategies that will make your businesses rise in the competition.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Adding Live Chats

Adding live chats is considered one of the most effective marketing tools in today’s age. With a live chat option in your website, customers/visitors will be able to ask questions and clear their doubts in real time. This will create a positive effect and will show that you care for the customers.
For implementing, you can use ReadyChat, a live chat service that is specially built for real estate services. It offers 24/7 Live Chat for your website and 3X conversations from your current traffic.

Using Paid Lead source to A/B test Marketing

To find the viability of a real estate marketing strategy you need leads. A lead is any person or property that has expressed interest to do business with you or have been referred by some other medium or person. Earlier the middle used to provide leads but today you can skip them and directly go and buy leads. After you obtain a decent amount of leads you can go ahead and test different marketing strategy to learn your customer’s mindset.
Though there are a lot of companies that will promise you to deliver the volume and quantity of leads you require, we would suggest the three best places to buy leads from.


Zillow let you engage with millions of home shoppers on the largest real estate network on the Web and get the best high quality leads. To know more about Zillow, you can visit its official page.

Market Leader

Getting started with market leader is quite easy. You just need a zip code and can get buyer and seller leads straight to your Customer relationship management (CRM).


BoldLeads works early by providing a system of landing pages to capture seller leads, even before they have researched their home value and talked to other Realtors.

Former Clients

Real experienced people are always better than posting pictures highlighting their values. A short talk with a former client will give your new potential customers a sense of trust and they will most likely go forward with the deal. Also, referrals from the current and previous clients are the best way to get new potential clients. People trust their friends and family’s word than anything, so making a habit of asking for referral can land you tons of clients.
Getting back to engaging previous clients, it’s not easy to get them off their couch. Still, you can make it work by organizing activities likes giving a tour, hosting games, giving an educational seminar.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the best place to have an online presence with its search and marketplace feature. On an average, a real estate agent will spend 50 minutes every day on Facebook and Instagram combined. To help them, a tool called Facebook Dynamic Ads can cut the time real estate spends on these social networking sites trying to find customers. This advertising tool will help you find potential customers and automatically promote all your listings to the people who have visited your Facebook page.
This tool helps you find people that have looked at similar listings on your site and will show relevant ads to the people. Facebook Dynamic ads also work better than geographic targeting because customers may be looking at multiple different locations from the area they currently reside in. You can find more ideas and how to connect with your customers through Facebook by using the guide on Real Estate Facebook Marketing Guide.
As for Instagram, there is also the paid promotion option where the completion is a bit less and you won’t have to worry about things like page ranking. Also, you will be able to connect more individually with the clients which make it one of the most affecting marketing tools of 2018.

3D Tours

Photos and descriptions are the things of the past. With the advent of 3D technology, you will be able to reach and engage more clients without boring them with details. Sure it will cost you, but giving 3D tour gives a statement about the quality of the services you are providing. A 3D tour immediately gives an edge over your competitors who are still providing photos.
To start with 3D you don’t have to learn 3D design for that. There are plenty of professional services and also a couple of new ones. But Matterport is the industry standard and their image quality and easy navigation is the reason for it.
Another new start-up is the one to take the industry by storm offering virtual staging, photo editing, floor plans, and renderings at an affordable price.

Aerial Photography

Like the 4th point (3D Tour) you can use the latest technology to give a sense of quality and commitment towards your potential clients. Aerial photography can give a unique perspective on how the property will look from different viewpoints. They also can get a feeling of being physically there without going to the site.
For using drones, you can just buy one of rent it from available buyers. Searching in Google using the area will get you one in no time. Just keep in mind the drone rules and regulations in your country or area especially if the property is located in an urban area.


Using this steps will lead to more sales, good relationship with clients and a sense of trust among the potential clients.

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