The residents of Port Harcourt road in Aba, Abia State, are not happy with the condition of the roads, thereby, have drawn a battle line for any politician that will come and campaign in the area.

Their anger was following the abandoned road project which has made life more difficult in the area. Many residents believed that the present administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu inflicted much hardship on them.

According to NEWSPADI They pointed out that Ikpeazu should have left the road the way it was (citing it was manageable) than the way he left it now.

Some of the residents who spoke to this platform send an SOS to the government; this is even as they vowed to stone the governor if he dare come to campaign in the area as the 2019 election draws near.

Speaking to this platform, most of the residents, especially the shop owners were angry as they thought our correspondent was sent by the state government.

They hurled words like; ‘Go and tell the governor that we are not happy and we are ready for him; ‘We shall stone him if he dare come to campaign here; ‘He has inflicted much hardship on us; ‘Some of us can’t even feed our family; ‘We came here every morning open our shop but no customer to patronise us’.

The words they hurled were too much as it came with echo and none of them allowed each other to speak on their behalf.

Port Harcourt road
bad condition of Port Harcourt road

Aba Port Harcourt road, is the tech base of the city; most of fabricated tech materials are done in Port Harcourt road. Apart from housing an auto-spare parts market (Ala Ojii), there are people who reside in the area.

The road is also a link road to the Enugu/Aba/Port Harcourt expressway. Making the place one of the most vital areas in the city of Aba.

(Although a federal project) but the condition of the road is really heartbreaking and it posed as an economic set back to the Abia State government.

Years ago, the government started work on the road, evacuating debris and demolishing buildings close to the roadside, a few months later, work stopped on the road making it difficult for the residents.

According to the state commissioner of work, Hon Eziuche Ubani, the road is marked to have six lanes and thus, is what brought the demolition of buildings to give an expansion to the road project.

Port Harcourt road
2019: We shall stone Ikpeazu if he comes to campaign in P/Harcourt road – Residents

It’s already getting to two years since the flag off of the projects, yet no contractor on site.

The residents have resorted to violence since the elected political office holders have refused to do the needful. Recently, they descended on the convoy of Hon. Ossy Prestige, lawmaker representing Aba North/South in the federal house of representatives.

However, a quote by Ronald Reagan said;


Will Governor Okezie Ikpeazu write a book or have many rewards? Time shall tell.

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