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How to Link Payoneer Bank with Paypal Account

Have you been struggling to link your Payoneer bank with PayPal but don’t how and what it takes? Let me show you how to link payoneer with paypal and start withdrawing your earning in local currencies from paypal.

If you’re from countries like ,Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other Africa countries and you make use of USA or UK paypal account, there’s no way you can withdraw your earning from paypal unless you’ve got a USA, UK, etc bank and you must be using USA, UK PayPal to be able to link your bank.

But with the aid of Payoneer, You can easily withdraw your earning since Payoneer provide you with foreign Banks. E.g UK and USA bank account which you can use in receiving funds overseas.

So if you’ve got Payoneer account and you’ve got USA or UK Paypal Account, you can now link your bank with PayPal to start withdrawing your earning.

how to link payoneer with paypal Account

follow below steps on how to link payoneer with paypal Account to be able to connect your PayPal with Payoneer bank.

Step1; Login to your Payoneer account and click on Global payments you will see that when you click on Receive option

You can also find the Global payment service from your Payoneer dashboard when you login

Now when you click on the Global payment, it will show up with different currencies and banks. Since we need USA bank just select the USD option and you will see your bank details

All what you need from this bank details is your Routing Number and Account number having copied those two details, Now let’s move over to paypal.

Step2 Login to your PayPal account and click on LINK card or Bank

Select the option to Link Bank since you’ve gotten our payoneer bank to connect with your paypal

Click on Link Bank again for the Last time

Now you will see list of banks from USA but since we’ve got no physical bank to link, just select the option that says I have different Banks

From the next page you can now fill in your bank details. Don’t select savings instead select the Checking Option because that’s the type of bank payoneer provides. After that fill in your Routing number and Account number

After filling in your details, you can now save your settings. And paypal will Debit your USA bank with some little amount which you’re gonna use for confirmation.

Just click on Wallet from your PayPal menu and select the Bank you just added then you will see the option to confirm Bank.

When you click on Confirm Bank a new page will show up. From this page, enter the amount which PayPal Debited to your Payoneer

To see the money debited to your Payoneer by PayPal, click on transactions from your Payoneer dashboard and you will see it in this form.

What you need is 0.09 and 0.20. Once you impute this two amounts in the verification space and Click on verify in your PayPal account. that’s all.

With this Your Payoneer bank has been fully connected to your PayPal account.

How to transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer Bank

When you login your PayPal account just click on Transfer to bank this option is usually under your main paypal balanceWhen you select that option, you will get another page prompting you to confirm which bank you want to send. just select the Bank you added initially and continue

Write the amount you want to transfer from your PayPal available balance to your Payoneer bank and click on the next button

The next page will ask to review your transactions: You can now complete your transfer and PayPal will do the rest.

You won’t get the money to your Payoneer bank instantly. It might take upto 24hrs before the money will be transferred by PayPal to your Payoneer bank. am sure all of the above answers your question on how to link payoneer with paypal and how to withdraw from paypal to Payoneer.


Having learnt how to link payoneer with paypal Account: It might also please you to hear this announcement again.

You cannot link Payoneer bank with Nigeria or other Africa countries PayPal such as Lesotho, UAE, South Africa etc. Unless UK and US. In that case you need USA PayPal account to get started.


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