Instead of President buhari’s tweets being treated with respect and attention, President Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet have received lot’s of savage responses from Nigerians.

Newzandar understand that the President tweets about his administration focused on agriculture, to enable Nigeria with over 200 million population feed itself…

Instead of responding to Mr. Buhari’s tweet, a tweet user asked the President to open a record label and sign him as an artist. He promised Mr. President that their duo will make a lot of money.- Advertisement –

“A country with a population of close to 200 million has to be able to feed itself. We cannot rely on importing food. This is why one of our priorities as a government is growing the food we eat. Our policies will continue to be focused on agricultural self-sufficiency”, Buhari tweeted.

Responding to Buhari, Eko finest boy, replied and wrote:

Dear Mr president,
I’m a rapper, why don’t you start a record label and sign me? I deliver well and I’m assuring you we gon get the bag sir!!!!

Thank you.

His response drew a lot of other responses and Nigerians followed up his comments.

See screenshots below:

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