Unidentified woman has narrated how husband set her ablaze in ogbor hill Aba, Abia State

According to her, the husband who happen to be a tricycle[Keke] rider was insisting she get him a new tricycle[Keke] with claim that the one his riding is now weak but she refused to do it with reasons, she said.

After a long quarrel the husband got angry went out got a fuel, poured it on her and set her on fire and immediately one of her children who happen to be a twin also got angry, went and got his own fuel, poured it on his father and set him ablaze too. Good Samaritans came a quenched the fire and they both were taken to hospital for treatment.

Newzandar understands that the woman got better and was discharged, but the husband is still in hospital receiving treatment.

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Newzandar TV


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