The former Governor of Zamfara State Abdulaziz Yari on Tuesday August 6, confirmed that operatives of the of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raided his residence. 

Mr. Yari dispelled claims of valuables being carted away during the raid as he stated that nothing incriminating was found. The statement he released reads in full; 

My attention has been drawn to a story making the round that some operatives of the EFCC have raided the residence of the former Governor of Zamfara state Hon Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar, at Talata Mafara and carted away with some valuables.

It is in view of this that I deemed it necessary to clarify issues on the matter for the general public note.

It is true that some operatives of the EFCC were on Sunday, August 5th 2019 at the residence of the former Governor in Talata Mafara.

Although the reason for their visit to the house is yet to be known, the former Governor ordered that all rooms and offices in the house be opened for the operatives to conduct their search.

On the order of the former Gov, all rooms and offices in the house were opened for the operatives to carry out the search. After about five hours of search, the operatives left the house empty handed.

It is a well known fact that the EFCC is an institution established by the constitution of the Federal Republic and given the right to investigate any body on allegations brought before it.

As law abiding citizen of Nigeria, the former Gov ordered that all rooms and offices be opened for the EFCC officials to conduct their search.

It is therefore pertinent to inform the general public that there was nothing incriminating found or taken out of the house.

We therefore allow the EFCC to carry out its responsibility before making any further comment on the issue.

Yari is being investigated for alleged questionable payment of N19 billion from the London-Paris Club refund; N35 billion spent on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs); Ecological and Stabilisation Fund and how he incurred N151, 190,477,572.02 liabilities on ongoing projects.

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