A Twitter user has questioned why Nigerian churches have different rules and expectations for their Nigerian/African members and their members in other continents. While reacting to a period of fasting embarked upon by a popular church in Nigeria, a Twitter user named Nosa Iyare asked why the rules of the fast are stricter for their Nigerian members than for their members in the USA. He tweeted: "When I was in Nigeria, the 40 days fasting in RCCG was dry. No food, no water. Here in the US, the same RCCG discourages you from going dry. Is it that the God of USA is different or the fear of child protective services is the beginning of wisdom?" Another user who attends a different church also shared his experience with religion. He pointed out that his church forbids Nigerian members wearing trousers and pieces of jewelry but does not preach against foreign members who wear the same. Below are conversations on Twitter on the matter.  The post I guess the God their is not “strict” – Twitter users question why Nigerian churches have different rules for their Nigerian members and for foreign church members appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog. Source


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