60 Turban Styles For Both Muslims and Fashionable Ladies

60 Turban Styles For Both Muslimah and Fashionable Ladies

60 Turban Styles For Both Muslimah and Fashionable Ladies

Wearing Hijab is a sign of modesty and a Muslimah’s best friend. Muslim ladies use the hijab to cover their heads as it is stipulated in Islam. It is a positive way to show they abide by the tenets of the religion as a woman.

However, there is also an alternative to the hijab that will achieve the same function of covering the hair and keeping a Muslim lady modest in her dressing and that is the head wrap, also called turban.

Equally, ladies who are not Muslims have also adopted this as a fashion accessory to complement their outfits. These days, we see a lot of young ladies wearing the popular velvet turban to important occasions like wedding and burials.

Fashionable turban head covers are the rave as women who seek to cover their hair raid their closets for stylish looks that offer an alternative to the hijab.

Once a typically male accessory, the turban is breaking the mold and is being picked up by many Muslim women across the region. In the beginning, men used to wear turbans made of several yards of fabric, but gradually it shifted towards women wearing the same thing as a hijab but with a lot of variety and a classy touch.

The new ways of wearing the turban is becoming a new global phenomenon. Now, turban styles are most popular all around the globe.

Variation in the world of turban styling is one reason why many girls like the trend. Even those who are not Muslims also love turbans as a fashion accessory.

What they find exciting with this type of headscarf in general is the way you can customize it and personalize it to suit your personality and still give you the opportunity to meet up your religious obligation.

Also one of the advantages of the turban-style hijab is that it gives more head-covering options to Muslim women, especially in hot weather. They find it practical and chic during hot season as it frees you from being totally covered in the formal hijab.

Some Muslims consider it not modest enough because there are different types of turbans which might expose your neck. To remedy that, Muslimahs wear clothes that cover every inch of their bodies and provide the necessary covering they need.

Turbans can be worn at any party or family event in a stylish and chic ways so that the lady can keep her head covered and also look fashionably on point with others.

Today, there are several ways in which you can style your turban. Make sure you choose a turban style that suits your face cut out of a number of styles available to try.

There are differences in the world of turban styling which is one of the things that makes this trend very jazzy. You don’t have to worry about it giving you one particular look every time you tie it as there are various styles you can tie, thereby giving a whole different look anytime.

For those who want to look fashionable and still keep their hair covered, turban is a great choice. After having evolved over centuries to become one of fashion’s most alluring statement accessories, turban is one piece you cannot but add to your wardrobe.

You can use different fabrics to achieve the turban look. You can use Plain fabrics, print and even Ankara but always be careful when using silk fabric.

This is because it often slips and exposes the hair when you are not careful in tying it. You can always go for two colored turbans by wearing an under cap. For example, if your dress is blue and black and you want to do a little contrast; you can also add a head chain for the perfect Arabic look.

You can also do twists and knots kind of turban for a good African look. You can try this by wrapping your hijab around your head; knot the two ends together on one side by using several knots and creating a side-band kind of a look.

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If you want your turban for formal occasions then this style is perfect for you. All that you have to do is to go and buy yourself an elegant looking brooch or flowers and pin it at the end or start of these knots, or even in between them.

Not only will a brooch make your turban formal but your turban material will also make your style perfect for formal occasions.

Scroll down to see more turban styles you can always try to look both modest and fashionable:

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