Video shows looters repeatedly ransacking NYC electronics store

Surveillance video shows groups of thieves repeatedly ransacking an electronics store amid widespread looting across New York City earlier this month.

Video clips with time stamps late on June 1 show a parade of crooks entering the store and gingerly stepping over broken glass and other debris as they picked through the merchandise.

In one clip, a looter was recorded using a suitcase to smash the top of a display case.

At several points, the thieves panicked and ran out, apparently scared by the sound of police sirens.

Mubbashir Khan, 24, of Queens, identified the store as “Today’s Mobile” at 1 E. 28th St. in Manhattan, which he said is owned by his dad.

Khan said that the videos document the second night of back-to-back looting at the store, and that his dad tried in vain to protect the place with plywood following the first break-in — but that it was torn down by the criminals.

“My father opened the store in 2004 and he put a lot of sweat into running a successful business, and all that hard work ended in one or two nights,” Khan, 24, told The Post.

“He is so upset and beaten, physically and mentally. He wants to reopen, but he doesn’t know if he will be able to.”


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Source: New York Post

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