15 Mystical Creatures From The Movie “Merlin”- Which Scared You The Most?

A lot of people have watched Merlin because it is a very popular series. In fact, I don’t know if there’s anyone reading this post that hasn’t watched it. It was and is still a great movie. It told the story of a young boy named Merlin, who had magic and must do everything to protect the young King Arthur. He faced a lot of challenges doing that.

There were a lot of mystical creatures in the movie. You may have forgotten them or may have not if you just watched it recently. Well, I’m going to make those memories evergreen by sharing some of these mystical creatures. Here they are:

1. Wyverns

Can you remember the wyverns? They are a distant cousins of the dragon. This was why Merlin was able to command them when they attacked him, Gwaine and Arthur on their way to the Fisher King to get the trident.

2. Fomorroh

The Fomorroh is a creature of the old religion, used by the high priestess to make people do her bidding. This was what Lady Morgana put into Merlin’s body, when she gave him a command to kill Arthur. Fortunately, Emrys destroyed it.

3. Dragon

In the series, this was the Great Dragon who was chained and imprisoned by Uther after the great purge. The name of this dragon is Kilgharrah and we all know it helped Merlin a lot. Of course, Merlin was a dragonlord

4. Goblin

According to Gaius, Goblins were the most mischievous magical creatures. They could do anything to get their hands on what they valued most in world, which was gold.

5. Griffin

The Griffin is a magical creature with the body of a lion and the head, wings, and face of an eagle. It attacked Camelot during Uther’s reign. Sir Lancelot killed it with the help of Merlin.6. Druids

The Druids were very secretive but peaceful people that possessed powerful magic. Do you remember Mordred the Druid boy?7. Sidhe

The Sidhe were masters of enchantment and were an immortal race of Avalon. They could live up to 1000 years.

8. Unicorn

The unicorn was a creature of magic that was linked with very strong magic. Anyone who killed it brought a curse upon himself. We saw how Arthur did that and how he was able to remove the curse. The unicorn lived again!

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9. Elanthia Beetle

These were conjured up by Edwin who wanted to have his revenge on Uther Pendragon. He used them to heal Morgana.

10. Trolls

Trolls were magical beings that were known for being very greedy. This particular one took the form of Lady Catrina as a way to rule over Camelot.

11. Knights of Medhir

They were seven in number and were conjured by Morgause to help her defeat Camelot.

12. Bastet

This looked like a big panther with wings. This was the shape Freya took when her curse manifested at midnight. She was Merlin’s first love and also the lady at Lake Avalon.

13. Shade

Shades were humans who were brought back to life from the land of the dead. Their aim of returning is to serve whoever brought them back. Lady Morgana turned Sir Lancelot to a Shade to do her evil bidding.

14. The Diamair

Also known as Euchdag, it was the key to all knowledge. Morgana was searching for it so that she could know Arthur’s bane.

15. Serket

They are magical creatures with the shape of scorpions. We saw them quite a number of times in the movie. We saw them when they tried to kill Merlin and Morgana too.

There are other magical creatures such as the Afanc, Dorocha, Dorachaid, Vilia, Lamia, Questing beast, and so on. However, the ones above are all i have for now.

Which of those mystical creatures from Merlin scared you the most? Which did I miss out?

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