8 Marvel Characters That Could Beat Superman And 2 That Already Did

Hey Guys today we gonna be taking a look at Marvel heroes who defeated Doomsday and a bunch of others that could, too as well.

Doomsday is a horrifically formidable powerful being, given that he’s almost unstoppable in every encounter. His very existence is fearful and an indestructible force like no other.

He was the first entity to really give a run for his money even to the point of killing the Man Of Steel, changing the course of comic book history forever.

It’s hard to ignore something that is such a big force of nature and that is why he’s still a big deal today.

Whether he’s beating Superman into a coma or ransacking through the rest of the Justice League like there were nothing, Doomsday is a threat to even the most powerful heroes the DC Universe has to offer.

Doomsday is a mindless beast an unstoppable killing machine or so we taught, let’s see how this horrific giant going to fare in the Marvel Universe.

In the Marvel Comics Universe, there are plenty of powerful beings, even those who could give Doomsday a run for his money. With that being said, there are an abundance of candidates who would go toe-to-toe with Doomsday. However we are going to look into who can actually defeat Doomsday and those who actually did.


The Sentry is one of the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, not just because of his abilities, but because he was created to be so. He’s stopped the Hulk and even manipulated the fabric of the universe to defeat Molecule Man. That kind of power is unthinkable to the common hero or villain. It had to take a unrestrained hit from Thor to be a able to kill him when he turned to his more powerful side called the Void.

Doomsday is no common villain, however, and would likely give Bob a fight similar to his clash with Bruce Banner in World War Hulk. The difference is that Bob isn’t Doomsday’s friend, so he wouldn’t hold back anything. Even if Doomsday overpowers Bob, he risks unleashing The Void, and that’s bad news for everyone not even Doomsday stand a chance.


Imagine what it means to have the power to control the molecules of the universe itself?Owen Reece doesn’t have to imagine. Molecule Man has control over the very fabric of the world around him, affording him power akin to a god. Owen has defied some of the most powerful beings in existence with his abilities.

He could easily pick apart Doomsday as a molecular level, and he could even erase Doomsday entirely. For a man who has defied God-Emperor Doom and the Beyonders themselves, it’s hard to imagine he’d have trouble dispatching Doomsday. Only beings with similar power sets seem to pose a threat to the man who manipulates molecules!


Hyperion’s powers are varied and formidable. He’s durable, has energy projection that can cut even the densest materials and strength above most. He has traversed dimensions, witnessing power beyond comprehension, and lived to tell the tale. Though Hyperion of the Avengers is misguided at times, he’s mostly good.

Referred to as a Sun God by some, Hyperion once held his own alongside Thor against the Beyonders. In an alternate reality, Hyperion’s morality nosedived and he became a multiversal dictator, bringing entire realities under his heel. That kind of power would stop Doomsday in his tracks, and perhaps get him whooped across multiple realities, too.

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An Omega-level mutant, Bobby Drake is part of a group of mutants whose powers are astronomical. It is said that, if he harnessed his powers as such, Iceman could send the Earth into another Ice Age. This level of power over cold temperatures could go a long way to slowing Doomsday down, even shutting down the beast.

Even if Doomsday landed a hit on Bobby, he’s been known to survive as vapor. The fact that Bobby could become a gaseous being and reform inside Doomsday is quite scary. If all else failed, he could cause an extinction-level event on a planet to defeat Doomsday, trapping him on a dying world.


Just like Superman Doomsday is vulnerable to magic, and that’s what the good Doctor here is currently practicalising on. magic has been diminished in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to a group known as the Empirikul, magic was almost annihilated. Luckily Dr. Strange stopped those guys and is helping restore magic to the level it once operated on. Perhaps Doomsday would stand a chance if he’d attacked during magic’s low point, but we’re not so sure Stephen would go quietly.

Given the immense depth of magic, there are countless ways Stephen Strange could deal with Doomsday. The Sorcerer Supreme could simply banish Doomsday to a dimension wherein things far scarier than the monster exist. Misdirection, ancient enchantments, and impossibly powerful artifacts would bamboozle Doomsday entirely.


Though it wouldn’t be the easiest fight on this list, this one would definitely be the longest. Logan doesn’t suffer defeat lightly, and he’d probably be thrown about in the first few rounds. However, owing to his healing factor and his sheer stubbornness, Wolverine would claw a victory from the jaws of defeat.

Logan’s seen it all and done it all, one of his characteristics is to be resilient. He’s been a staple to more teams than most because he can always be relied on to keep fighting. With Doomsday’s adaptability, these brawlers could go forever. Logan’s taken down whole families of Hulks, he’s the best there is at what he does, and Doomsday would find out that what Logan does, ain’t pretty easy.


Having an incredible amount of power is nothing new to Jean Grey. She’s been host to the Phoenix Force on several occasions and respects and even fears the power. Harnessing the power of the Phoenix affords Jean a nearly unparalleled level of cosmic and psionic power.

Given that she can wipe out entire planets with her power when possessed, Doomsday may find her an insurmountable foe. Though the force itself has been wielded by a few over the years, having it captained by its most potent host would ensure Doomsday didn’t get back up. The fact she could take it up another notch to the far more dangerous Dark Phoenix is also something to be considered.


David Haller’s mind is a patchwork of personalities, all with unique and differing powers. Though in the past it has been hard for him to control which personality is dominant, he’s not beyond composure. With Professor X’s help, he’s been shown to be able to swap through his personalities and abilities on a whim, as seen in X-Men: Second Coming.

Given the number of powers at Legion’s disposal, he could find several ways to deal with Doomsday. During Age Of X, David’s power manifested an entire alternate reality. If David learned to control his ability to manifest realities, he could trap Doomsday perpetually.

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It no longer new that the Hulk and Doomsday have always been debated between fans whether Hulk or Doomsday would come out on top of the two titans clashed. They both have a lot of anger to work out, and would be their counterpart’s ideal punching bag. The two haven’t met properly in battle, which is a shame, because an official showdown would be something to behold.

However, in Hulk #413 the two unofficially met briefly, with the Hulk winning the day. While in a virtual reality simulation, Hulk was seen to be fighting several formidable foes. One of whom, who is seen being bested by the Hulk, bears an uncanny resemblance to Doomsday.


Although The Mighty God Of Thunder have undergo a series of Change over the past decades that doesn’t mean he can’t give Doomsday a run for his money. Having the power of Thunder and the Wind coursing through his veins and wielding the now powerful Divine weapon Stormbreaker the tides of the fight are on the side of the Mighty God of Thunder.

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