“I Had Surgery Because My Bae Likes Giving It To Me From Behind”- Bobrisky

"I Had Surgery Because My Bae Likes Giving It To Me From Behind"- Bobrisky

"I Had Surgery Because My Bae Likes Giving It To Me From Behind"- Bobrisky

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju is a popular Nigerian internet personality,transgender woman,actor,enterprenuer,entertainer,socialite and brand influencer born in 1992.

She is very famous for her presence on the social media app ‘Snapchat’ and also gained initial recognition there. However,her popularity has now grown beyond Snapchat as she is now also known on other social media apps like Instagram. Presently,she has over 2 million following on Instagram.

Bobrisky is a very controversial personality who is known for always being in the news for either what she says,does,wears,e.t.c. Infact,it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Bobrisky is always trending and according to her,she knows what to do in order to make the internet talk about her;she has also boasted that she will trend till she dies.

Also,she is one Nigerian personality who has suffered a lot of cricticisms trollings backlashes blastings and hatred as a result of her chosen lifestyle.

However,it seems like she has grown a very thick skin to all the bad words as she believes that so far as she is making her money,she doesn’t care about what the world has to say.

And now,guess what our Bob is at again??

She has revealed why she had surgery. I’m sure it’s not oblivious to anyone of us that bob has always been open about her surgery and has even asked her fans to pray for her when she was about undergoing surgery saying she was scared.

This revealation was made via her Instagram page when she posted a video shaking her ‘backside’.

In the caption that accompanied the post,she advised girls to go ahead to fix their bodies if all things are equal with them. She told them to ‘just be happy’ while also noting that she had to do her surgery because her bae loves the ‘giving it from behind style’.

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See screenshots of Bob’s post below;

Ladies,you Roger that?

If you have what it takes to get the body you desire,Bob advises that you go ahead with it. It is pertinent that you do what makes you happy!

Source: Warritatafo

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