Lady with longest natural hair in Nigeria share her regime (photos included)

Lady with longest natural hair in Nigeria share her regime (photos included)

Lady with longest natural hair in Nigeria share her regime (photos included)

You must be surprised at the length of this lady’s hair and you might think that it is not her natural hair, there is no need to be surprised because this is her natural hair.

Her name is Lindsay Ijeoma Chris and she is the woman that has the longest hair in Nigeria. Lindsay said she grew her hair this long in just six years. She said she was not satisfied with the length of her hair so she cut it in 2014, and started growing it all over again and here she is in 2020, with the longest natural hair in Nigeria.

According to Lindsay, what we eat and drink has a part to play in our hair growth.

She shared six steps to follow to achieve longer hair

Step 1

De-tangle the hair properly with a de-tangle hair spray

Step 2

Shampoo the hair with an hair strengthening shampoo.

Step 3

Then apply deep conditioner and wrap the hair with a plastic bag for thirty minutes to 1 hour

Step 4

Rinse out the deep conditioner and apply leave in conditioner

Step 5

Massage the hair with an herbal growth oil or a do it yourself oil.

Step 6

Then apply a butter cream as sealant.

Lindsay said she has been following this steps and it has worked for her.

Her routine did not only worked for her, it also worked for her daughter’s

View their photos below

Lindsay advises ladies to drink lots of water and eat good food, she also advises ladies not to apply any form of heat on their hair while following her regime and they will see results.

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More photos of Lindsay

Lindsay also own a beauty shop that sells natural hair products.

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