Meet The Girl Who Had Her 6 Ribs Removed Just to Look Like a Cartoon

Humans can be really amazing and full of surprises, one thing about we humans is that whenever we set our mind on something we tend to achieve it no matter what.

Pixee Fox is one of the few people on earth who went the extra mile just to achieve a goal. She said she was first inspired by Tinkerbell, so she decided to undergo surgeries just to have her body shape. Along the line, she started to look like Jessica Rabbit.


Pixee Fox

She spent 120,000 US dollars on surgeries because of her obsession to look like a character.

120,000 dollars = 46.6 million naira.

Pixie Fox dressed as Jessica Rabbit

She had 6 ribs removed in order to shrink her waist, and her waist is a record-breaking 14 inches. She is still going on diet and regular exercise to maintain her shape and she wears a corset almost every time of the day.

You may call this madness but this is one of the craziest obsession I’ve ever seen. Imagine spending that huge cash to look like a cartoon, and I thought kids are the only cartoon lovers.

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Source: Warritatafo

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