See the school where students pay 6 million Naira school fees and what it looks like

The topic may sound somewhat outrageous and unrealistic as a result of the economic condition of most people and the country’s economic situation that is currently nothing to write home about.

However, this is the gospel truth and as matter of fact the fees are more than that as we would later see if you continue reading the piece.

One thing any responsible parent would want for his/her children is qualitative and sound education and the parent would be ready to pay any fees within her power to get that for his/her kids.

Some schools are ready to provide this, coupled with a conducive learning environment and student friendly structures, but at a good price as well.

However, one of such schools is Lekki British international school which is located in the ambiently radiant Lekki peninsula of the prestigious Lagos state.

About the school

Lekki British international school is a privately owned school which comprises of primary, Basic and high school studies which is provided by highly cultured teachers.

The curriculum is run in tandem with that of Great Britain and wales put together and operate a flexi boarding method of teaching.

This means students and their parents can choose if they want the day method of teaching or they are more comfortable with the Boarding system.

Some of the schools spectacular structures are shown below

Girl’s hostel

Music rehearsal class

Lawn tennis court

Side view of one of the classes

Swimming pool

International students

The school has a great number of foreign students studying in the school, this may be an indication of the quality of education they provide.

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Some international students are shown below

School fees

I know you must have been itching to know what the school fees of this institution looks like and that’s exactly what I’ll be telling you now.

The school pays around $17,000 on a yearly basis, this translates to about 6.8 million Naira annually.

I don’t think this is too much for any parent who can afford it and wants the best for his/her children or what do you think.

Air your view in the comment section and share as well as follow the writer.

Source: Warritatafo

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