What some Nigerians are saying about Oyedepo’s ‘anti-church virus’ statement

What some Nigerians are saying about Oyedepo's 'anti-church virus' statement

By David Royal

Founder of the Living Faith Church International, a.k.a Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has claimed that  Lagos and Ogun states are now infected with an anti-church virus, as against Covid-19.

Oyedepo said this during his sermon on Sunday, June 28, while condemning the closure of churches and other worship centres by Lagos and Ogun states governments.

His words: “No handwashing, no nothing, everyone is in the market running over each other every day of the week and there is no outbreak from the market but there is now outbreak, perceived outbreak from the church. Prophets are God’s voices to the nations. Caution!

“Now, freedom of worship is no longer a constitutional right but now determined to buy some individuals. It is a hard thing to kick against the priest.

“This is no longer coronavirus in Lagos and Ogun. It is now anti-church virus clean and clear.” The cleric claimed his church has recorded 114 Covid-19 healing testimonies.

“Can anybody silence the church? Never! I have never heard of anybody that God healed in the market but people get healed in every church day and night, real tangible healing. We have recorded 114 coronavirus healing testimonies. We got 10 this week,” he said.

However, social media users have taken to their platforms to condemn Oyedepo’s statement.

Below are some reactions on Twitter gathered by Vanguard:

@ouijaicrois wrote: “Not to incite Christian domination war but I haven’t heard the pope, a catholic priest or Anglican priest making a fuss about church lockdown … Chris Oyakhilome and Oyedepo, what’s good? Do you miss your congregation or you miss their offerings ?”

@FestusGreen “Pastor Chris & Bishop Oyedepo both have Churches in the UK & US, why aren’t they attacking those governments the way they attack Nigeria? One said it’s no longer Covid19 Pandemic, the other questioned NCDC’S guidelines. Are Nigerian Churchgoers that myopic? What’s going on?

“If Pastor Chris and Bishop Oyedepo believe that the #COVID19 pandemic is Anti Church Pandemic, fine.

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But they both have to leave the comfort of their homes and walk into any Covid19 isolation center and do the needful, supervised with real-time update for public perusal. Simple”.

@LayonBountySo you mean you can only pray and listen to the words or God when you go to the church? 

What happened to the virtual services? What happened to our holy books? What happened to the recorded sermons we can easily access on the internet? You no reason well before you tweet!”

@Baldilocks__ “Bishop Oyedepo and friends would’ve been spared all these stress if they had simply healed everyone of the Coronavirus.”

@Uyi00262249 “The Church should be opened. I stand with bishop oyedepo”

@Itz_jusander “The reason many Nigerians don’t take this virus Seriously is because their pastors take it like a joke.

Let me remind you that your pastor is a rich man and has access to premium healthcare and you’re YouUnamused face”

@Juliobam22 “Hmmmn  Bishop Oyedepo should have maintained a golden Silent on these issues.
He seems to be more concerned about the church as a structure and not as the congregant.”

Source: Vanguard News

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