What You Never Knew About This 5 Fairy Tale Movies

What You Never Knew About This 5 Fairy Tale Movies

What You Never Knew About This 5 Fairy Tale Movies

We rarely think about the true meaning of the fairy tales we know. But if you delve deeper into the story, you’ll see that Rapunzel is about unlucky love, that Snow White and Seven Dwarfs didn’t have my stepmother in the story, and Pinocchio was supposed to have a different ending. The deeper the story, the more interesting it becomes.

We are convinced that your interest in fairy tales will not diminish over time, especially if you learn strange details.

1. Rapunzel was a single mom.

Many people remember and love the animated movie about the princess locked in a tower. In the film, she is abducted by Mother Guthell. This story would not be in this composition if things were that simple. Originally, Rapunzel’s story was not just a funny story: it served as a warning to women about the damage of marital relationships.

In the original story, the prince will arrive at the Rapunzel Tower a few consecutive evenings. Later the girl sees that her dress is getting very stiff and her stomach is growing day after day. Her stepmother finds out about pregnancy, cuts Rapunzel’s hair and leaves her in the desert. Rapunzel does not give up, give birth to twins and live alone. The prince eventually finds her as a twin and lives happily ever after.

2. Snow White was taken to the forest by her mother.

In the classic story of Snow White and Seven Dwarves, her evil stepmother is jealous of her beauty, so she takes her forest. But in the first issue of the story, the main villain was Snow White’s mother.

She told Snow White to walk in the woods, collect flowers and leave them there. According to another version, the mother asked the maid to get rid of the annoying daughter. Researchers believe that the figure of the stepmother appeared much afterwards not to frighten children too much.

Walt Disney changed the story. In his animation, the statues were given names and Snow White met the prince before falling asleep. But in the original story, she doesn’t wake up from the coast, she wakes up from horseback when the prince takes her to a resting place.

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3. The cat in the shoes was not a cat …

Italian author Giovanni Francesco Straparola, author of “Puss in Boots”. In his version, a younger brother gets a cat after the death of his mother. In fact, it was a fairy that turned into a cat. She helps the owner get the legacy of the lord who dies, earns the heart of the princess and becomes king.

Later, Charles Birolt changed the story. The cat was just a cat without magical powers.

4. Alexander Volkov did not steal the idea of ​​the Wizard of Oz.

Some readers note similarities between the magnificent Oz wizard Lyman Frank and the story written by Alexander Volkov. So who stole the idea?

Alexander Volkov was a math teacher for a long time until he decided to start studying English. For practice, he started translating Frank’s book. The author has changed the story several times, adding new characters, and his version soon became his own book. And 20 years after publishing his first book, he wrote a sequel to Eli.

5. Cinderella shoes are not made of glass.

Let’s talk about the shoes promoted by Walt Disney Studios.

In one of the first versions of the story, the Chinese Cinderella carries golden-threaded shoes. In the Brothers Grimm edition, I went to the ball 3 times and wore silk, silver and gold shoes. In the Venetian version, the shoes are made of diamond. According to Charles Birolt’s version, the shoes are made of glass. But in most versions the fairy gives simple Cinderella shoes.

What unusual details about fairy tales do you know? Share it in the comments section below:

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