Wonders Shall Never End: Read This Leaked Chat Between A 13 Years Old Girl And An Older Man

Dear parents, it is absolutely right to go through your kids phone and text messages. Little kids nowadays are very wayward and you can never know what they are doing secretly. I do not think a young of 13 years old should be using a phone but if it happens, you should set rules for the child to follow.

A lot of parents these days fail to tell their children what they need to know at the right age. They usually shy away from educating their kids properly over sensitive things like this. When the your kids do not get the knowledge of these things from you, their friends or peer groups will definitely teach them the wrong way.

Embarrassing, insulting, flogging or shouting at your kids is not the best option sometimes. Children need understanding, love, attention and care. Always give your kids listening ears because when they do not get it from you, they seek it from somebody else. They will rather tell their friends what they are passing through than telling you, which is a sign of lack of trust.

After reading this leaked chat between a 13 years old girl, you will wish to be closer to your child than you are. Some children are not what they seem to be. They make you believe that they are the holy kids you know, but in reality, they have been influenced badly by their friends, or the society. Read chat:

This screenshots should serve as a lesson to all parents to always put an eye on the kids and monitor them. Mere looking at the chats, you will understand that this little girl has a crush on the , and she is definitely trying to shoot her shot. But at her age, she is ignorant, maybe because her parents did not teach her things like this from there tender age.

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Had it been this uncle agreed to her green light, what do you think would have happened? People will put the blame in him, and he would still be a pedophile whether she made the advances or not. Nowadays were there are excessive cases or r@pe here and there, the man could have been blamed. But thanks to God that he was wise enough to resist the temptation if the devil.

My question is: Who do you think is to be blame in this kind of situation? What could be the cause of this little girl having such chat with an older man? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also like and share this post for parents to learn.

Source: Warritatafo

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