Why did Mia Khalifa join the Adult Film Industry? A Lesson to all Young Girls.

 is a twenty seven year old Lebanese-American social media personality, sports commentator and webcam model. As some of us know, she was an Adult Film Actress from 2014 to 2015.

In this article, I will reveal the reason why she joined the Other Industry, based on an interview she had with Hardtalk BBC, and the lessons to learn from her story.

Based on the interview, it was revealed that she is smart, she went with her parents from Lebanon to America and studied history in a University in Texas, as to the reason why she joined the Other Industry.

She revealed that she struggled, her entire childhood with her weight, and that low self esteem does not discriminate against anybody, no matter their background, furthermore she revealed that she never felt attractive or worthy of male attention, then in her first year of college, she started losing weight, by making small changes,eventually losing about 50 pounds.

By the time she graduated, she revealed that she felt extremely self conscious about her bre*sts, because losing weight had changed her physique, so she wanted them to be larger, she revealed that once she made them larger, she garnered a lot of attention from men, which was a feeling that she never had before.

She said that, she didn’t want the validation and compliments to go away, so she thought that if she didn’t do what was asked of her, it would go away, so that was her mindset, until one day, she was approached, complemented and asked if she would be interested in nude modeling and on camera sex acts.

She agreed to it, due to her not wanting attention off herself and, she described the situation as that of a girl, who didn’t have the tools to see that she was being manipulated.

She is from Arab heritage and she revealed that part of the reason that she decided to join the Other Industry, was rebellion and that her parents had no idea at the time and that when they found out, they actually disowned her, even her video was met with controversy from the middle east, the one where she performed with a hijab.

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She explained that she regrets her actions and now sees the error in what she did, she likened her experience and the stress it has caused her to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Saying that whenever she goes out, she gets stares from random people and she feels like they can see through her clothes, which she explains as bringing her much shame and, that she’s one Google search away from people seeing what is supposed to be private to her and what is supposed to be in her control.

She recognized that she was in control of her actions in joining, and signing up for everything, even if she didn’t really know the full implication and result of what she signed up for, what she did on camera and that her reputation has been tainted, because she has no right to the images and videos, even though she appeared in them, meaning she can’t take them down, even though she wants to, now.

She explains that, many people are actually in the same both with her, and are going through similar things, from girls who were forced into sex trafficking and po*n, to women who are have low self esteem and just want attention, which made them get themselves into something they would never come back from.

She is working towards taking those videos down. She is now married to Robert Sandberg, who is a playwright and lecturer at the Princeton University, Department of English.

I implore you all, as parents, brothers and sisters, check on your loved ones, people can be going through a lot of mental pressures and issues at times, who knows if her parents were more involved in her life, how things would have turned out.

Source: Warritatafo

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