Young Black Boy Who Was Burnt Alive By His Classmates 4 Years Ago Is Recovering (Photos).

Who Remembers who was burnt alive by his classmates back in 2016? Well below are some of pictures to show you how he is recovering so far with the third degree burns that has scarred him for life.

Before we get to the pictures, let me talk about what transpired 4 Years ago, what exactly resulted in him getting burnt alive.

Qaphela was burnt out of jealousy and spite. His classmates were very envious of his talent and bright future ahead of him. He was only 15 year old when this happened to him.

All of this happened because after he showcased his rugby ability and skills at his school where he happened to be the only great and skillful black player amongst his fellow teammates and colleagues.

He got a bursary from Hoerskool Garsfontein in Pretoria after he displayed his rugby ability at his school. This was what spiked the rage and jealousy.

Qaphela was on his way out of the school bathroom when he was attacked from behind with a golf stick. He fell unconscious, only to wake up see himself on fire.

All his efforts to douse the flames were to no avail as it seemed they poured paraffin on him to make the flames burn well and stronger.

Eventually the flames were doused but the damaged had been done on Qaphela. He was scarred for life with third degree burns all over.

However, I’ll be pleased to show you some pictures of him with his doctors and how he has been responding to treatments over the years.

His recovery isn’t fast but with due time he will fall back to place. He is a determined boy that didn’t let his awful experience dash his dreams of being a professional rugby player.

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Handsome boy Qaphela before he was burnt by enemies.

Before and after he was burnt

Side view of the burn

Qaphela is determined that his dream will never die.

Qaphela with his doctors.

The boy is gradually getting better. Praise God.

God continue to strengthen you.

His enemies have been put to shame.

But can you believe that the boys (about 4 of them) responsible for this terrible act are yet to be found?.

Qapehla still deserves justice.

Information credit : news24

Photo credit : Google.

Source: Warritatafo

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