13 Things Young People Do Now, But Will Regret Later In Life

13 Things Young People Do Now, But Will Regret Later In Life

13 Things Young People Do Now, But Will Regret Later In Life

A lot of young people live their early lives, very wrongly and based on the opinion of friends, books and even influence from social media and this is quite pathetic because they may spend the other(more mature) half of their lives in regret, if they don’t retrace their steps in time.

It is also important to note that there are also a lot of young people too, who have decided to make the best use of their life and are walking on the right paths in life. However, the intent of this article is to highlight decisions and behavioural patterns that will end up making young people regret, when they get more mature.

Here Are Some Things Young People Do When They Are Young, That May Cause Them Regret Later In Life:

1. Going Through Early Years Without An Academic Qualification:

These young ones may never understand the need for educational qualifications, until they grow older and there may be little or no time to go back to school and regret sets in. In these times, certification is very important and many individuals, have missed out on the best opportunities, due to lack of educational certification.

2. Lack Of A Definite Life’s Plan/Aspiration:

Many young people fail to realize that they should plan their lifes from the early years and failure to plan, will eventually lead to regret, later in life.

3. Alcohol Indulgence:

As young people, it looks cool to take a lot of alcohol and you will see a lot of young people engage in ‘drinking competitions’, however, what they fail to realize is that they may live with regret, when their liver develops problems due to alcohol abuse.

4. Gambling:

Many young people, see gambling as a way of ‘hitting it big’, however, they fail to realize that gambling is like a snare that will never tighten until it has caught a prey. Most young people, seldom fail to realize how much they have lost to gambling, until much later in life, when they realize that they could have used the same sums to start up good businesses.

5. Drug Abuse:

For many young people, the ‘high’ gotten from drugs is compensation enough, however, they fail to realize that drug abuse will not just keep them addicted, but will also rip them off their finances and ability to reason well. In the end, drug abuse will always bring regret to their users. Sadly, these users often change their ways very late.

6. Indulging In Criminal Activities:

Many young people engage themselves in crime, as a means to make fast money, but they fail to realize that even if they don’t get killed in the process, the law will catch up with them and their punishment will cause regret.

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7. Having Of Numerous Partners/Relationships:

Many young people, actually feel that it is cool to have many sexual partners and relationships, as such they get stuck in activities that predisposes them to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), infections and even abortions. These actions may lead to lead to infertility and regret, later in life.

8. Display Of Pride And Youthful Exuberance:

Many young people, feel that it ia cool to act proud, until they miss the best opportunities in life, due to the same pride. Trust me, there is nothing as saddening as looking back in life and regretting opportunities that could have been latched on, if you were a little more humble.

9. Paying Little Or No Attention To Detail:

Many young people, overlook the place of paying attention to detail. Hence, things they could have easily avoided in their early years, we’re not taken note of, until they posed a major challenge for them, later in life. Regret always follows.

10. Sedentary Lifestyle/ Lack Of Physical Activity(Exercise):

Many young people may not realize that physical activity, helps push back ailments. Hence, if you lack physical fitness, as a young person, it may not be very easy to start exercising when you’re older and you may just be creating an avenue for sickness and this could be really regretful.

11. Over-Dependence On Family Members:

Many young people, rely too much in their parents and loves ones for finances, but fail to realize that life truly does not work like that. When the real life hits them, regret sets in because they may have to struggle with being independent.

12. Having A Sense Of Entitlement:

Many young people, feel that everything should be handed over to them, forgetting that life has to do with pushing foe what you want in life. Hence, when they may regret learning these how to fight for themselves way too late and will surely regret it.

13. Their Association/ Keeping The Wrong Company:

Many young folks, forget that their can either make or mar them. They fail to realize that bad friends will eventually lead you into thinking and acting like them. Sadly, a lot of them realize the effect of bad friends too late and this will cause regret.

It is my earnest desire that young see this pitfalls and avoid them, if their lives must turn out right.

I hope this article, helps you or someone you know, to live better.

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God bless and keep you!

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