Diet behind new bulked-up frame of Bryson DeChambeau

It’s hard work becoming an overnight sensation, but how much food that work requires is usually overlooked.

Bryson DeChambeau shared with the world the diet that fueled his almost 50-pound transformation and shot him into contention for every tournament he’s played in since golf’s return from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, I’ll start off by saying I don’t necessarily eat anything or everything I want,” DeChambeau said during his pre-tournament press conference in Detroit on Tuesday. “I would say that in the mornings I usually have four eggs, five pieces of bacon, some toast and two [Orgain] protein shakes.”

Though it’s a good start, DeChambeau’s burly breakfast is not all it takes to pack on the powerful pounds. As the day goes on, he throws back one protein shake after another and eats every ounce of protein he can find.

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeauGetty Images

“Throughout the course of the day, I’ll have a GoMacro bar here and there, I’ll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I’ll have another protein drink, I’ll have at least two protein drinks on the golf course, at every six holes,” he said. “And then after the round I’ll have one.”

Even after a full day of golf and snacking, DeChambeau still works to keep up his impressive eating pace, lest he lose any of those hard-earned pounds.

Source: New York Post

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