Mawuli who Diane dumped Elozonam for is allegedly dating ex bbnaija housemate Cee-C.

The big brother naija reunion show which has been on since 1st June has really been pepperish as so many secrets of the former housemates have been coming out one after the other.

Recently Diane and Elozonam case has been on the table, and we are having been trying to figure out why the relationship between Diane and Elozonam didn, ‘t work and so many things have been coming out.

Diane revealed that the reason their relationship did not work was because Elozonam did not treat her as Ike treated, and Elo defended himself by saying the reason for the failed relationship was because Diane didn, ‘t take him as her priority.

We recently got to discover that is the reason Diane was careless about her relationship is because she is crushing over a Ghanaian actor by the name mawuli, who happens to have a girlfriend.

The actor is allegedly dating cee- cee who also happens to be a former housemate in the big brother housemate season 3.In a picture mawuli was seen kissing his girlfriend Cee-C and yet Diane is ready to throw away her relationship with Elozonam away because of a crush, she even allegedly dated him but I think that is a mere speculation. Throwing away a beautiful related because of just a crush on someone who might even like you is madness.

Please guys air your view on this matter.

Source: Warritatafo

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