Number One Thing You Never Knew About The Gods of Egypt Movies

Here are many facts you probably never heard or knew about the Gods of Egypt movie.

If you are currently following me;thanks so much and if you haven’t,then you are inevitably missing a lot.

13:No Egyptian Actor was featured in the movie.

Its so disappointing that a movie that potrays a past history and culture of the Egyptians didn’t even feature citizens of that country.Thats why Nollywood is recognized globally.Nollywood(Nigeria) and Bollywood (India) are always featuring actors from their country at every single movie.

Bollywood has like 79-85 percentage of their cast being from India while Nollywood has nothing less than 98 percentage being Nigerian actors.12:First Movie in the universe to use latest optimized camera.

The gods of Egypt is the first movie in the whole world to use the Panavision’s new Primo 70 series of lenses in the shooting.This gave the film much more graphics resolution, visual quality and much more reputation and fame.

11:An incredible sum of 140 million dollars was spent on the movie production!

A whole 140 million dollars was spent as expenses to make that single movie.No wonder the movie was able to put the latest optimized camera(Panavision’s new Primo 70 series of lenses) to use.

Imagine how much it would cost to use a camera no one has ever used in the universe.10:Only one of Horus eyes was removed.

In the history,on which the movie was built upon,only one eye was taken from god Horus by his Uncle,Bek who took it so as to suppress his power and neutralize his strength.Horus then became weak to fight back and seek revenge.

In the movie,both eyes were removed from Horus on the day of his coronation.Such an epic movie.

9: Gerald Butler, Actor of the 300 movie acted as Bek and underwent body building.

Gerald Butler acted the epic and heroic movie called 300.He had to train hard and body build for this special movie.

8:Sahara desert wasn’t used.

Sahara desert wasn’t and can’t be used.It exhibits climatic conditions that are not favourable for human existence and dwelling.Sahara desert has many of the largest sand dunes in the world.Some are high as 600 feet(183 metres).The temperature sometimes rises to 58⁰C.

Hence,the Australian desert was used instead.

7: Unsatisfactory profit.

The profit gotten from the movie that used over 140 million dollars to shoot and produce,was so unsatisfactory and not up to expectations.

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The profit was not up to 10 million dollars.This was also due to Tax incentives and pre-sales.

6:Alex Proyas first movie in seven years.

The director of this epic and interesting movie, Alex Proyas has not directed any movie for seven whole years before directing the Gods of Egypt movie.The producer of this movie are the famous Lions Gate productions.

5:Ra is much younger than Osiris.

Ra,the sun god looked older than god Osiris(His son) and god Horus (His grandson).But in real life,Osiris was four years older than him.I bet you never knew this!

4: Incredible height of the gods.

We all knew how the gods looked really giant when seen with humans in the movie.This is nothing but film trick.Its computerized.How can Horus be as tall as 9 feet in real life.

Alex Proyas,the movie director employed forced perspective and motion control photography to create the difference in height between the actors portraying the gods and the humans.

3:Many names altered in the process of Movie production.

In history,Horus grandfather’s name was ‘Geb’.It was changed to ‘Ra’ in the movie.

We all know that a wild group of dark cloud tried to invade the earth every night in the movie.

The name originally given to those beasts was ‘Apophis’.Its denotes some kind of astenoids.2: Relationship with the movie MadMax.

Over 200 actors and crew members in the MadMax movie also was involved in production of the Gods of Egypt movie.

1: Disclosure of actors’ identity.

The famous actor of the movie “300”,Gerald Butler in 2006 also acted The Gods of Egypt movie produced in 2016.

The famous actor of “Game of thrones” movie,Nikolaj Coster Waldau acted as Horus in this Epic movie.

You should in your own best interest follow me,or better choose to miss alot.

Anyway,in case you didn’t know,my most admired actor in the movie is Thoth,the god of wisdom.

He is so eloquent and outspoken,but is proud and egoistic.

Lets hear your favorite actor in the movie in the comments section. Mine is Thoth.

Lets hear yours!

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