Same S3x: Secondary School Counselor Publicly Disgraces A Girl Who Confided In Her About Her S3xuality

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to share what happened 2 2 girls during her school day.

Below is what she shared;

I remember back in secondary school, a girl went to meet our guidance counselor to talk to her about her feelings for another girl it was supposed to be a confidential convo of cause because it was with a counsellor. The next day during our assembly both girls were summoned.

They were both whipped and publicly disgraced and then expelled in shame. Whenever I think about it, it hurts, they were children, they did not deserve it. She was their confidant. I hope they healed through that and I hope they are able to trust people who genuinely care now.

Those little girls were genuinely confused as to what was happening to them and from what I can remember, one of them went to seek help from our counsellor because she didn’t understand why she was attracted to a girl.


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