Alaafin of Oyo’s youngest wife, Queen Dami celebrates birthday with lovely pictures

Birthdays are special occasions that many people usually look forward to. It is a time for them to be thankful and reflect on how the past year went as they appreciate the life they have lived.

Gone are the days when African royalty were seen as people who did not mingle freely with everybody. Social media has been able to bridge the gap between royalty and commoners as these royal highnesses also love to be celebrated by their fans and well-wishers.

Queen Dami
Queen Dami

Just recently, the Alaafin of Oyo’s youngest wife, Queen Dami, clocked a year older to the joy of her fans.

The pretty woman who was obviously in a celebratory mood took to her social media page to share lovely photos of herself with her husband.

In the photos, the couple wore matching onion-coloured outfits as they sat on their thrones. In the caption of the post, the celebrant also thanked God for being a year older as she counted her blessings in the form of friends, her parents, associates and her son.

Queen Dami also appreciated her husband, the king, as she described him as her mentor, inspirer and motivator.

Queen Dami
Queen Dami

She wrote: “Today Wednesday 5th of August 2020, I am by the grace of Almighty Allah, a year older.I cherish so many things , my parents, my son, friends, associates, all the queens in the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo who are like mothers to me. I appreciate their tutelage and mentorship. Thank you so much.

And above all, OBA ALAYELUWA , HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY,OBA LAMIDI OLAYIWOLA ADEYEMI III, IKU BABA YEYE THE ALAFIN OF OYO. My Mentor, Inspirer, Motivator and my husband. May Allah Bless You.

Happy birthday to me.”

See photos below:

Queen Dami
Queen Dami
Queen Dami
Queen Dami

In another post, she wrote: I thank God for the beautiful people my life has been adorned with and ask that He will enrich me to compensate them accordingly.
I thank You for increasing my joy as well as my years and ask that You position me to face a long, prosperous future. Thank You Lord🙏…….



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