50 Cent and T.I. spar on social media over proposed Versuz battle

Gosh, it’s like William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal all over again.

50 Cent and T.I. spent Thursday evening antagonizing each other over their proposed Versuz battle. The two rappers, who have been bandying about the idea of doing one of the popular Instagram battles for some time, went at it after T.I. pushed 50 Cent to commit to the battle early in the evening.

“Pick a date!” T.I. wrote in an Instagram post Thursday night, to which 50 responded with several antagonistic tweets, in which he made fun of the photo T.I. used in the post (“Bro ya beard is not quite connecting like your music”) and bragged over his career sales figures. He then pivoted to a more esoteric approach, tweeting, “So I just want to say to … I’m clear you will never understand how much better I am than you are, look even my skin is darker then [sic] yours. I’m just a better specimen of a man than you punk.”

This last salvo was accompanied by a meme explaining “Even if the Bee could explain to the fly why pollin [sic] is better than s–t, the fly would not understand,” which may be Dostoevsky — we’re not sure.

T.I.’s most recent Instagram post continued with “he actually think he got a shot wit that one & 1/2 albums he got … U washed my boi. Now cmon & PULL YO YOUNG BABOON FACE A– ON UP & GET SERVED CURTIS!”

One thing neither of them addressed was a date, so we’re probably still in for plenty more of this.

New York Post

Source; Newzandar.com

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