Top Nollywood Actresses Who Have Never Bleached Their Skin And Will Never Bleach


The colour black is described as priceless and cannot be bought. The dark colour is a said never breaks. There are some Nigerian actresses who have beautiful skin complexions and look beautiful and proud in their skin tone.

There are other actresses who have changed their skin tone for reasons best known to them. Others with dark complexions have also tone their color to suit their taste.

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This article shows some popular actresses who have never tempered with their skin color and will never tone their complexion to become fair. Here are some Nigerian actresses who have never bleached and will not bleach for anything.

  1. Genevievie Nnaji

2. Kate Henshaw

3. Ufuoma McDermott

4. Uche Jombo

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5. Stephanie Okereke Linus

6. Mercy Johnson

7. Ini Edo



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