Rudy Giuliani pushes for GOP mayor, says de Blasio ‘killing’ NYC

GOP leaders including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani will make the case Wednesday for electing a Republican to lead the Big Apple’s coronavirus recovery — laying out a plan to add more cops, cut taxes and get the homeless off the streets.

Giuliani told The Post the comeback plan was hatched in response to current Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inaction.

“This city should not be closed down. He’s bankrupting half the restaurants in the city. He’s killing his own city,” Giuliani said in an exclusive interview.

Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced that the Big Apple’s eateries could reopen at 25 percent capacity on Sept. 30, over the mayor’s objections.

“I’ve never seen a mayor like this who actually tells rich people who are leaving, ‘We don’t need you.’ Who does he think is going to pay the bills?” Giuliani added.

In August, de Blasio said he isn’t fretting about an exodus of wealthy New Yorkers from the city despite the disproportionate amount of tax revenue they provide to public coffers.

Republicans have often been elected to govern the majority Democratic city following a crisis like this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Giuliani noted, citing his own election in 1993 amidst high unemployment and rampant crime and successor Michael Bloomberg’s victory after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

If he were still mayor, Giuliani said he’d put 9,000 more cops on city streets to crack down on a surge in shootings, lower property taxes to keep New Yorkers from leaving, and enlist the police to coax homeless people into shelters, drug treatment programs or psychiatric facilities.

Giuliani declined to endorse a 2021 Republican mayoral candidate, though when asked said his son Andrew, who is considering a potential bid, “would be a great candidate but that doesn’t mean he’s running.”

“There are other people, too,” Giuliani said about a Republican field. “This is too important not to have a very considered judgment on who has the best chance of winning,” he said.

Manhattan Republican Party Chairwoman Andrea Catsimatidis, who similarly endorsed her billionaire dad John’s potential mayoral candidacy, said there are other strong candidates including Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa.

“We need a serious change in leadership. I think we’re going to have some compelling options coming out of our party,” she told The Post.

Giuliani, Catsimatidis and other party leaders will hold a press conference about the plan Wednesday morning at the Women’s Republican Club in Midtown Manhattan.

New York Post

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