2020 Ghana Election: Presidency Is Serious Business, Not Like ‘Nov Dec’ Remedial Exams – Told To Mahama


Former John Dramani Mahama has been told that the presidency of Ghana is not like writing ‘Nov Dec’ remedial examination, but it’s a serious business.

Richard Asante Yeboah, Deputy National Communication Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP has told former president John Dramani Mahama that the presidency of Ghana is not like ‘Nov Dec’ remedial examination, but it’s a serious business.

He has said this when was speaking on Darling FM with Shaq B in Cape Coast-based when Richard Asante Yeboah asked why despite all the opportunities Mahama has gotten to serve Ghanaians, he couldn’t implement his ideas but wants another trial.

He state ““We know that in Ghana we have Nov Dec where if you sit for the WASSCE and you don’t pass very well you can write the resit during the November December examination to better your results.”

He continued “However, what NDC and John Dramani Mahama must accept and understand is that with the presidency, there is nothing like Nov Dec with regards to governance of this country. John Mahama was given an opportunity to be the president and when time was up for him to account to the good people of this country, he lost the election beyond repair.”

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He said Mahama was so incompetent that made him and the NDC government failed miserably.

He added ““He failed miserably but we won’t use our presidency as Nov Dec for him to come and resit as President again. Whatever privileges that he needs in his entire life, Ghanaians have provided it to him accordingly.”

Adding salt to his words, he spoke on former Mahama’s political career as said he has gone through and tasted all the position hierracy in Ghana politics, adding that there is nothing new that Mahama will bring to Ghana even if he’s voted back into power.

He eded saying “From being an Assemblyman, Member of Parliament, Minister, Vice President and President so what ideas at all that upon all the opportunities he got he didn’t implement that he now wants to write remedial before he can do it. This clearly shows that the NDC as a party lack idea in terms of focus and what would help Ghana to become a developed country.”.

Source: www.ghgosip.com



Source: Newzandar.com

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