Schwarzenegger started hating on Akuapem Poloo after she became friends with Cardi B – Tornado

Popular Ghanaian atheist and actor, Nana Tornado has revealed in a fresh video why Afia Schwarzenegger hates on Akuapem Poloo very much to the core.

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In a bid to throw his own dice onto the confused ludo Poloo and Afia Schwar are playing in the wake of the leakage of the former’s alleged seks tape, Tornado revealed that Afia Schwar detests Poloo because she found favour in the eyes of Cardi B when she came to Ghana during her infamous concert, the Livespot X Festival in 2019.

In a lengthy video, Tornado revealed the evil machinations of Afia Schwar and why she’s ready to ruin Akuapem Poloo since Cardi B made her ‘twinnie’ after she waited patiently for her in the famous Meet and Greet session with Cardi B right after her concert.

Watch the video below to catch all the drift;

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