Take Out Gonjaland In Your Insult At Our Akyem Brethren – Group To Mahama


A group called “Peace for Savannah” in the Gonjaland has released a statement to condemned the actions of Ex-President John Dramani in relation to the “Akyem Sakawa” controversy

According to the group Gonja’s are not known for tribal remarks and has urged John Mahama to desist from the act which can threaten our peaceful democracy.

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Below Is A Statement From The Group




Respected ladies and gentlemen of the media, fellow members of PEACE FOR SAVANNAH, our partners and well wishers, ladies and gentlemen, you are humbly welcome to our press conference.

We are hugely grateful to you for your quick response to our call for this press conference though it was at a short notice. Respected women and men of the media, we have humbly invited you here to help us convey our message to the country in respect of the dangerous path the Former President(Candidate Mahama) is taking us and the country. We would also touch on a Damango NDC Youth group and their paymaster John Mahama, that miraculously metamorphosed into a mouthpiece of some phantom “Progressive Youth of Gonjaland”, purporting to be speaking on behalf of us as a Youth.

We call on all and sundry to disregard all the baseless claims of the convener of the group, Issifu Seidu Kudus in the press conference. He is a Research assistant to the current Non-performing Member of Parliament for Damango Constituency, and both staunch enemies of president Nana Addo who have vowed never to see anything good about him. It was this same person under the influence of his boss who sent a petition to UN to remove president Akuffo Addo as a co-chair of the SDGs. His simple reason was that being a co-chair of the SDGs will give the president an upper hand as against former president Mahama in the 2020 elections.

Ladies and gentlemen, he is again hiding behind this ghost group to push through his agenda in Gonjaland. There exists no group in the Region with such a name. This is an NDC fanatic and his branch executives on an assignment by Hon. Garlus and Candidate Mahama.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, the people of Gonjaland are not tribal bigots. They are very much awake and discerning. Undoubtedly, former President John Dramani Mahama is our own. We are not disowing him at all. The people of Gonjaland pushed him to the top so he will get us development. He was never thought by our Chiefs and elders how to insult and cast aspersions at other tribes. To be straight on the point, his insult on the good people of Akyem was unfortunate and backward. As sons and daughters of Gonjaland, we would not also be happy should anybody single us out and heap insults on us just because a Gonja is the flagbearer of the NDC. We will not take it and shall take same up if it ever occurs.


It is time Candidate Mahama and his NDC in the Savannah region realize, that the people of Savannah and Gonjaland will no longer fall for their tribal politics. The tribal bigotry must end. From 2008 when former president Mahama was nominated as the running mate to the flagbearer of the NDC to date, the NDC has been on us to vote for them because of our brother, Former President Mahama. We have religiously followed through their call and voting massively for the NDC but nothing good came to the Gonja Kingdom in return. Almost all our roads were unmotorable, many of our youth were unemployed, the Savannah region was the least in terms of access to electricity and worst of it, they never demonstrated a dot of political will and commitment to the realisation of the almost four decades dream of the people of Gonjaland having its own administrative region and the almighty perennial water problem in Damongo, the seat of the Gonja kingdom lingered on unattended to.

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Today, under the Akyem man they have always asked us not to vote for, our brother and father from the Akyem land, we have a Region to ourselves. He is constructing many of our roads, extending electricity to many parts of the kingdom, paying regular visits to the kingdom and employing many of our youth in an unprecedented fashion. Never in our history have we seen such levels of development in all Districts of the Region.

The people of Gonjaland are not cowards. We are also not ethnic bigots who would fight other tribes unjustly because of the desperate selfish ambitions of a man who supervised the resources of this Nation for almost a decade without giving us the needed development.

We are therefore calling on all well-meaning people of the Gonja kingdom to disregard the wanton desperate attempt to pitch us against people who rather mean well for us. We should and shall not trade our development for a group of selfish individuals who had ample power to develop us but boastfully refused to do so. We must and shall weigh President Akufo-Addo and Candidate Mahama on their track records in the kingdom and vote wisely and not again on the flimsy reason that one of them is a son of the kingdom and hence, compulsorily vote for him. The rule of the game is merits and competence and not tribal bigotry. Thank You very much for coming.


Frederick Tahiru

Iddi Osman

Kanyiti Saburu Kantama



Source; Newzandar.com

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