When Will New Episodes of ‘Archer’ Be on FXX and Hulu?

We’re heading back to the Danger Zone, because this fall marks the return of a new season of Archer. That’s right: your favorite raunchy, disorganized, and co-dependent spies are back and now they’re easier to watch than ever.

For years Archer has been a staple in adult animation. The series is even the second longest running comedy on FX. But in recent years its future has felt a bit uncertain because of creator Adam Reed’s desire to move away from his foul-mouthed baby. Reed may have stepped down, but there are still bullets to be counted and missions to almost fail. Wondering how to watch Archer Season 11 on FXX and Hulu? We have your back.

When Will Archer Season 11 Be on FXX?

The animals are back, baby. The newest season of Archer will premiere on FXX this Wednesday, September 16 with the season’s first two episodes. After this week new installments will premiere on a one episode a week basis.

What Time Will Archer Season 11 Be on FXX?

It may be a new season but it’s happening at the same old time. The first two episodes of Archer will premiere on FXX this Wednesday, September 16 at 10/9c p.m. That means in the middle of the week you’ll be able to watch “The Orpheus Gambit” followed by “Bloodsploosh.” New episodes will then premiere weekly on FXX, Wednesdays at 10/9c p.m.

When Will Archer Season 11 Be on Hulu? When Will New Episodes of Archer Be on Hulu?

This is where things gat a little tricky. Because of the FX on Hulu deal, new episodes of FX and FXX shows will be going to Hulu after they premiere. But they won’t be available to stream until the day after they premiere. That means starting on Thursday, September 17 you’ll be able to stream the first two episodes of Archer Season 11 on Hulu. Subsequent new episodes of the season will be available on Hulu on Thursdays.

Where to stream Archer

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