Ghana Election 2020: Our Roads Will Go Back To Shit After Elections – Lydia Forson


Celebrated actress Lydia Forson has taken to social media to throw a word of caution  to Ghanaians to be alert of the season and times the country is in and not to be deceived by the actions of politicians.

According to her, the complains which are been fixed now will be ignored immediately the elections are over so Ghanaians should think and not be carried away with the works of the Politicians.

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In a Tweet, she said that the act of the politicians to fix our roads means the ordinary Ghanaian matter but they will go back to shit when the elections are over.


“If your votes didn’t matter, they wouldn’t be tarring the roads after many years of your complaining. For the record, it will go back to shit as soon as the elections are over”.

Lydia Forson was insulted and even threatened for such similar post last month which she urged Ghanaian’s to reason up ahead of the December polls.



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