Rio Ferdinand Slams Manchester United’s ‘Frustrating’ Transfer Window

Chelsea Vs Ajax: Rio Ferdinand Slams Chelsea FansChelsea Vs Ajax: Rio Ferdinand Slams Chelsea Fans

Ferdinand (Image Credit: Sky Sports)

Former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand has said that the club’s effort in the summer transfer window is frustrating to him and the fans.

During an appearance on the Five YouTube Channel, Ferdinand compared the club with Chelsea which has made some great signings without making any noise about it.

‘Frank (Lampard) has made signing players like it’s the norm, like it’s easy – water off a duck’s back,’ Ferdinand said.

‘The difference in the way Chelsea have done their business compared to say my team Man United… there is no noise, there’s nothing going on, all you’re seeing is bang – deal.

‘Little bit of talk, bang-deal.

‘That is what’s frustrating for me and all the Man United fans.’

He also expressed dislike at the way United is lingering in the signing of Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund.

‘Sancho was talked about months ago,’ said Ferdinand. ‘Still not done, it’s so frustrating, I’m not saying deals are easy to be done but Chelsea are showing deals can be done if you put the money down and it’s all done in the right way,’ he said.

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