Another de Blasio parking placard abuse promise proves a total joke

You can forgive Mayor de Blasio for abandoning his supposed “crackdown” on parking placard abuse amid the pandemic — but it’s now clear that it was a joke long before then.

Back in February 2019, he vowed to yank the permits of city employees who abused them. Yet the City Council’s 311 Placard Complaints Map shows more than 7,500 hotline calls on abuse since then, with more than two-thirds of those marked as ignored.

And, as The Post revealed this week, his policy has pulled the placards from only two people — neither a city worker, just staffers for city-linked nonprofits.

Just two municipal employees and six more “nonprofiteers” are at any risk — if their ­appeals fall through.

In short, de Blasio’s “three strikes and you’re out” rule proved not get-tough, but a license to keep up the same old illegal-parking games.

So it’s just as well the NYPD, as part of July’s “defunding” cuts, axed all 116 positions in the anti-placard unit that de Blasio ­ordered up with great fanfare back in 2017.

The mayor claims all will be fixed when the digital permit system kicks in next year. But with no will for enforcement, what ­difference does it make?

We’ve lost track of how many de Blasio anti-placard-abuse plans have failed; maybe the next mayor will actually care about ­living up to his promises.

New York Post


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