“I Broke My Virginity At Age 34”-44-Year-Old Dr.UN Reveals


Man of the moment, Kwame Owusu Fourdjour, popularly known on social media as Dr.UN has made some serious revelations about his personal life. He disclosed that he broke his virginity at the age of 34.

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Speaking with Kwaku Manu of the “Aggressive Interview”, the brain behind the infamous Global Humanitarian Awards revealed that it was not because he was not attractive enough but immediately after he completed High School, he was enrolled in a Bible College in Kumasi so due to his affiliation with the fellow men of God in the Bible School, he was so “holy” without blemish.


He noted that his commitment to godly stuff made his mind to be turned-off from worldly things such as fornication and so he never slept with a woman until he was 34.

He further revealed that he has two kids and they were all born in the United States of America.

Watch the interview below:

[embedded content]



Source: Newzandar.com

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