‘The Whole Concept Of Godfatherism Is Very Dangerous To Our Democracy & God Forbid If I Become One’ – Governor Obaseki


Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has disclosed that he has no plans of becoming a godfather when he retires from politics.

He made this known after he was asked by journalists after he met with the president, Muhammadu Buhari after he was re-elected.

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Making his submission, he said;

“In the case of godfathers in our politics, I have said in several fora that the whole concept of godfatherism is very dangerous to our democracy. And that is why when we came into the political fray 2006/2007, the mantra then was to get rid of godfathers from our political life.


The reason is simple, the godfather has no constitutional responsibility, the godfather acts outside the constitution and controls people who are constitutional players. So, if we allow that sort of situation to continue, it will be worse than military rule. When people who have nothing at stake, no checks and balance, just arbitrarily decide that this is the way the constitution should be interpreted or constitutional players should operate, that’s why problems come in.

God forbid I become a godfather, I should be dealt with accordingly because it’s dangerous to the concept of democracy.”

Source: www.newzandar.com


Source: Newzandar.com

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