Western Togoland Masterminds Warn Police And Military To Surrender Within 24-Hours

The brains behind Western Togoland have sent a stern warning to the Ghana police and military to surrender themselves or to stay indoors within 24 hours.

This message came across just some few hours ago were military forces exchanged fire with members of the Western Togoland which eventually led to the shooting of two civilians.

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Early this morning, Western Togoland members took control over a police station in the Volta Region and ransacked all the weapons in the armoury. The commander in chief of the police at Sogakope and three other officers were abducted by the group.

Roads leading to and from Volta region were blocked by the Western Togoland members.

In a statement released by the Western Togoland, points Togbe Yesu Kwabla Edudzi I as the leader and the restoration of Western Togoland as a Statehood.

The statement further accessed that all political parties within the statehood were banned with immediate effect.

They also claimed certain radio stations to be theirs.

“All detainees of Western Togoland independence struggle are ordered released immediately and all court proceedings relating to that are ordered terminated with immediate effect,” the group wrote in the statement.

We will keep you updated on this rising matter. Keep reading from us.

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Source: Newzandar.com

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