Ghana Election 2020: EC Facing Same Challenges Every Election Year Proves Their Incompetence – Prof. Gyampo


Professor Ransford Gyampo, renowned Political Scientist the political sphere of Ghana is calling on Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to put in the deserving work to achieve a degree of professionalism and perfection that will reduce repeating same challenges with Voters Register, and compilation of election results in every election year in the country.

According to him, repetitive challenges of the EC proves their incompetence skills and knowledge to solving problems they suppose to be experts in.

“Every exhibition process is characterized by missing names. Why? Don’t we learn? Can’t we improve upon what we do? Must we always explain the challenges instead of dealing with them? He quizzed.”

Professor Ransford Gyampo who is a Political Science Lecturer at University of Ghana; Legon (UG), views about the EC’s competency has been influenced by recenteports raised by Opposition political party National Democratic Congress (NDC) of missing names in the newly compiled provisional Voters Register.


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According to Professor Gyampo, the EC has been experiencing almost same challenges in every election since 1992. To him, a commission that can solve a particular problem for over 20 years is incompetent and offers disservice to its stakeholders; in this case political parties.

““A Commission that allows such repetitive challenges to saddle its work, does a great disservice to its mandate and perpetuate the opposition mistrust that greets its activities all the time. He concluded.

However, the Electoral Commission has called on the political parties to honor the commission time to solve the Voters Register Anomalies.”

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