My Girlfriend Connived With Cult Boys To Steal My 16k Dollars — Nigerian P0rnstar, Kingtblakhoc Cries Out

Controversial Nigerian p*rnstar, Kingtblakhoc, who was

recently arrested by the police in Osun State, for

allegedly shooting a p0rn movie inside the

Osun Osogbo grove, has accused his lover,

Elizabeth Ajibola, of being behind his ordeal.

According to him, Ajibola connived with some

cult boys and made away with his $16k (7.5millon naira).

He alleged that all efforts made by him to recover

the money failed as he started receiving death threats from cult boys.

Speaking with a lawyer friend in Osogbo on

Friday evening, ahead of his appearance in

court on Monday 28th September, Kingtblakhoc, said:

“I became depressed and felt betrayed by the woman I loved, I took to alcohol and marijuana to fight the stress and depression and decided to move on with my life.”

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