Ghana Election 2020: The Deficit In The Provisional Voters Register Amounts To 0.0004% But We’ll Still Work Hard To Decrease It – Jean Mensa


The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission,Jean Mensa  has stated that even though the provisional voters deficit amounts just about 0.0004 percent ,the electoral commision is committed to decrease the percentage to its very minimum ahead of December general elections.

Addressing key stakeholders and the press on Monday 28th September 2020,Madam Jean Mensa acknowledged the challenges confronting the commission during this electoral process but said it only amounts to 0.0004 percent of the total provision register.

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“No registration process is foolproof,as such some errors were unearthed during the exhibition process.


“To date, the total number of people reflected on the provisional register, stands at 17,700,726 persons.This is an increase of some 44,420”, she noted

Adding that:“We still have a deficit of some 7,515.I must emphasise that the deficit constitutes 0.0004 per cent of the total provision voter register”, Mrs Mensa said.

The Electoral Commission have been met with alot of criticisms in their decisions and even boycott of meetings by some political parties especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC).



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