Oduduwa Republic Oct 1 Rally Divides Yoruba Leaders (Full Details)

According to Newzandar News, Yoruba leaders across states where there are indigenous Yoruba in Nigeria are sharply divided over the appropriateness of the agitation for Oduduwa Republic.

They were particularly on different pages with promoters of the self-determination agenda, insisting that what the ethnic group needs is restructuring and not an autonomous country.

Drawn from the six South-West states including Kwara and Kogi states where a sizable number of indigenous Yoruba are found, the leaders said the agitation for secession affirms that Nigeria is long due for restructuring. Prof Banji Akintoye-led Yoruba World Congress, YWC, Dr.Shina Okanlomo’s Yoruba One Voice, YOV, and other affiliate Yoruba groups are spearheading the move, which seems to be gaining traction lately.

The consensus among the pro-secessionists bodies is that Nigeria has failed the Yoruba nation, hence the calls for autonomy.

Oduduwa Republic

”We only want Oduduwa Republic and that is all. To everyone accusing other tribes, please, stop it, that may bring crisis in the cause of our struggle,” Akintoye said recently. Specifically, a rally has been scheduled by YOV to hold on October 1, 2020, which incidentally, is Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary.

According to YOV, which described itself as the umbrella group of 300 associations of Yoruba descendants in the world, the rally was designed to draw global attention to the need to “liberate Yoruba race.”

Already, the proposed event has attracted the sympathy of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB. Kanu had asked IPoB members to sit at home on October 1, in solidarity with the Yoruba self-determination rally. Read full details HERE

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Source: Newzandar.com

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