Ondo State Gorvernor, Rotimi Akeredolu Gets Dragged For Throwing Money At People


While returning from a campaign, the executive governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu had stopped his convoy at the market to throw money for passers-by which the residents found offensive.

The residents of the state have not held back from dragging the governor for throwing money at people in a marketplace as October 10 governorship election closes in.

Speaking on the incident, a private school teacher, Mr Tope Ibikunle, said;

“I saw him at Oja Oba Market throwing money at people. The attitude he displayed showed that it is the way they want to use money to buy votes on the day of the election but I know our people are wiser.

“This is what Akeredolu has turned Ondo State people to. This attitude is shameless and it has also shown that this is how he had been wasting our money in government.

“How could a sitting governor be throwing money openly in a public place? This is the money he is supposed to use in building hospitals and schools but he is busy wasting it and heavily taxing people.”

Another resident, Mrs Funmi Adegbenro, said;

“This is a total disgrace. How can a governor be throwing money like this publicly? He just wants to woo voters in the state by every means. This is not the best strategy.

“Can somebody tell Akeredolu that the election is not won like this and I’m surprised that he is a lawyer who should know better, you can just imagine how they are wasting our money.”

Tale Tela

Source: Newzandar.com

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