Nigerian Actress reacts to Mercy Eke, claims she falsified her age

Nigerian actress chidinma has given the former winner of the reality show BBN 2019 known as Mercy eke confrontation for the falsification of her real age.

On 27th of October being the birthday of Mercy eke. According to the actress chidinma,mercy is above 27 years in other words she should be in her early 30s if she to count by her real age.

According to chidinma while wishing her a happy birthday to the BBN winner Mercy eke asking her to stop mocking God and should show appreciation for the success and life given to her by God though she claims to be 27.

The actress added by saying that all Mercy’s friends from her primary school are already in their late 30s,the fact she has a small body should not let her forget her real and that everyone in Mercy’s area can attest to the wrong age the BBN winner claims to be.


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